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The results base on Official Sites Lottery, Winner Number base on 1st prize only ( for ASIA Toto )

Some website is play with 6-digit number , but we only use 4-last digit number for this game.

example: Result is 123456, we only see the 4-last digit number for this game. It's 3456.

For USA Toto already in 4 digit number.


Structure Number of 4D :  ABCD



  4D   ABCD    2500 x Bet Amount  ( 250.000% )
  3D   BCD    350 x Bet Amount    ( 35.000% )
  2D   CD    65 x Bet Amount       ( 6.500% )
  1D Position   A / B / C / D    8 x Bet Amount         ( 800% )
  1D   ALL in 4D

   (1.3 x Bet Amount x Number index) + Bet Amount

   Number index = how many number that you choose appear in 4D result.


Winner explanation :

Example Result Number in 1st prize is : 5573

The winner for :

4D 5573, you bet $1 you win $2500

3D 573, you bet $1 you win $350

2D 73, you bet $1 you win $65

1D Position = everyone who choose number on corrected position, If you bet $1 you win $8

   The winner Number :

      5 on position A

      5 on position B

      7 on position C

      3 on position D

1D = everyone who choose number 5 or 3 or 7. (No need corrected position number)

      If you bet $1 on number 5 you win:  (1.3 x $1 x 2) + $1 = $3.6

      If you bet $1 on number 7 you win:  (1.3 x $1 x 1) + $1 = $2.3

      If you bet $1 on number 7 you win:  (1.3 x $1 x 1) + $1 = $2.3

      other example: if result 5557 and You bet number 5 for $1

                                 Number 5 appear 3 times. its mean you win (1.3 x $1 x 3) + $1 = $4.9



Minimum Bet every number is $0.2 and Maximum $999

Because of E-Currency fees, every Total Bet under $1 will be charge 5% for winning payment.




Structure Number of 4D :  ABCD


This is the way to fill the form :

4D = fill with 4 digit number, example : 5573, 7751, 2271, ... etc

3D = fill with 3 digit number, example : 573, 751, 271, ... etc

2D = fill with 2 digit number, example : 73, 51, 71, ... etc

1D Position = fill with structure position and one digit number,

     example: A2, B7, D5,... etc

      A2 = you bet number 2 in A position

      B7 = you bet number 7 in B position

      D5 = you bet number 5 in D position

1D = fill with one digit number, example: 1, 2, 5, ... etc



Instant Play Toto

You can fill the form in instant play Toto and click Play, this is not use email, you can only bet for 5 choice number for next first draw. You can check the number of your bet in E-gold / Liberty Reserve memo (log in to your E-Gold/LR account, open the history transaction).


example (Liberty Reserve payment) :



      SG = Singapore Pools ( see the Toto code pools in Draw&Results)

      73=1 means bet 2D number 73 for $1

      573=1  means bet 3D number 573 for $1

      5573=0.2  means bet 4D number 5573 for $0.2

      B5=2  means bet 1D Position number 5 on position B for $2

      5=5  means bet 1D number 5 for $5



Buy Ticket

This is the form for more space of number, this is use email, you can bet for many next draw, just fill the date if you want to play in another next draw. The date base on the offical site date, not base on your country date. If you choose wrong date (past date), we will use your bet for the first next draw in same Toto. For Today's time and  date, You can see ASIA Toto Time / USA Toto Time in our website.

There are 4 links for buy Ticket, 2 are for Asia Toto and 2 again for USA Toto. The both links are same, its used for trouble conection, if first link error, you can use another link..

You can see the draw date in Official Sites Results or in Draws & Results

You can check the number of your bet in your email ! (If you do NOT receive email confirmation, we strongly suggest that you check your "Spam Folder")

You can buy many ticket as you want.


example (e-gold payment) :





      Mistake Regulation :

  • You can play before the closed bet time ( see on Draws & Results ). If you late, we will use your bet for the next draw in same toto.

  • The Draw Time and Draw day depend from Official Lottery Sites. Sometimes The official Country Lottery site not play on the day that's usually play. It's mean there is no draw that day. If you bet that day, your bet will use for the next draw in same Toto.

  • If you fill the number but not fill the bet amount, we will cancel the number.

  • If you fill the bet amount but not fill the number, its mean your bet number is "0" ( you play 1D)

  • E-Gold memo must be filled with the ticket number or toto play number. If ticket number / memo not valid or memo is blank, its mean your bet number is "0" ( you play 1D) on the first next draw Toto. Please don't change the memo value !



If you experience problems or unexpected errors, please contact our support contact us



Alternative Form

This Form only use for alternative when the sci payment prosessor not working. So you must use this form for betting and tranfer the bet amount manually from your e-currency account. Log in to your e-currency account and make a usual tranfer.

* If the Liberty Reserve SCI Payment not working, please use Alternative Form




All payment use E-Currency, no need to sign up, only need E-Currency Account and email (if needed)

No need deposite, just pay the bet that you buy, We will pay your winning into your e-currency account directly.

All bet use USD currency ( US dollar worth of E-Currency) for bet and winning payment.

Winner will be paid in 1 to12 hour after the draw results and automatically paid into winner's E-Currency account.

You can play from 2 or more E-Currency accounts.


E-currency supported : E-gold, Liberty Reserve.


What is Liberty Reserve ? click here


What is E-gold ? click here


Don't you have an Liberty Reserve ? Get one HERE.It's free

Don't you have an E-gold ? Get one HERE.It's free





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