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What is Liberty Reserve

Liberty Reserve is an account-based payment system where you can store value in U.S. dollars and transfer payments to others and receive payments from others. It is safe, reliable and confidential. Payments are irrevocable (meaning they cannot be reversed). Liberty Reserve is instant, real-time currency for international commerce. In just minutes, you can send and receive payments from anyone, anywhere on the globe!



It all starts with your account. This is where you see your balance, history of transactions, security features, private messaging, and all other features of the website. Access to your account requires the full spectrum of login and security details to be entered.


The wallet allows you to quickly access a dedicated portion of your funds in Liberty Reserve using a faster login procedure if you wish to pay someone quickly. It is recommended that you keep only a small amount of value in your wallet because the security procedures necessary to access your wallet are less than the security procedures to access your full account. In order to transfer funds from your account to your wallet, you will need to login to your account, and do it from there. You are not required to initialize a wallet, and are free to make payments from your account without using the wallet. This is an optional feature for your convenience.

Once you have funds in your wallet, paying someone is very easy and quick, with a faster login process.


E-currency, or digital currency, is a stored value and payment system, usually account-based, that allows users to store funds (such as Euro, USD, Yen, etc., and metals such as gold, silver, etc., or anything else of value for that matter). The main feature of a digital currency is that spends (payments) are irrevocable, unlike bank payments (wires, checks), and other systems that have similar features (online payments) but can easily reverse payments, such as PayPal.

Digital currencies evolved as a need for merchants to have an alternative to credit cards due to the high cost of accepting credit cards (credit card % fees and fraud). Merchants using digital currencies get paid, and stay paid, lowering their costs of operation, eliminating fraud, and pass on the savings to their customers.


A balance is the total amount of funds or value that you have in your Liberty Reserve account. It is displayed on most pages within your account for your convenience.


One of the most important features of Liberty Reserve is the security of your account. Passwords, PIN's, stop account feature, and anti-keylogger (trojan) login system are just a few of the security precautions that Liberty Reserve has added to keep your value safe and secure within your account.

Nothing works better, however, than your own due diligence when it comes to security. Always use an anti-virus for safe computing.


Working with Liberty Reserve site

Account registration

Creating an account is easy at Liberty Reserve. Simply enter your details, such as your name, account title, and address, etc., and you will have a full-functioning, free Liberty Reserve account in minutes. Remember to write down all the information for future reference such as your Security Code, passwords, account number, etc.

Logging in

Once you create a Liberty Reserve account, you may access your account by logging in with your account number, password, and login PIN in order to access the value in your account and make payments, check history, use the internal messaging system, etc.

Profile settings

Once you are logged into your account at Liberty Reserve, you can click on "profile" and change your account name, password, and other features, such as email notifications.


This feature allows you to send funds (make payments) to any other Liberty Reserve account instantly.


You can withdraw (redeem) value from your Liberty Reserve account by using any number of independent exchange providers listed on the Liberty Reserve website. Usually, exchange providers will have an account number starting with the letter, "x".


You can deposit funds or value to your Liberty Reserve account by using any number of independent exchange providers listed on the Liberty Reserve website. Usually, exchange providers will have an account number starting with the letter, "x".

Internal messaging

Once you are logged into your Liberty Reserve account, you can send private messages to anyone else with a Liberty Reserve account. All you need to know is their account number. You can also check your message inbox to see if you received any messages, and you can save messages. This is a private, internal messaging system developed exclusively for Liberty Reserve account holders.

For more info about Liberty Reserve you can see on www.libertyreserve.com (in English)

( Bahasa Malaya )

Sekilas tentang Liberty Reserve

LibertyReserve adalah salah satu e-Currency(mata uang digital) yang digunakan sebagai alat pembayaran di internet. Dan seperti eCurrency lainnya LR juga dibackup dengan mata uang tertentu, dalam hal ini LR menggunakan Dollar atau Euro. Kantor Pusat LibertyReserve berkedudukan di CostaRica dan website(Pemilik/Pengelola) resminya dapat dilihat di www.libertyreserve.com.

Cara Membuat Account Liberty Reserve

  • Buka/kunjungi websitenya di www.libertyreserve.com
  • Klik dibagian Create Account (daftar)
  • Akan keluar form E-mail Verification . Isi email anda. lalu tekan submit. Lalu cek di email anda. dan masukkan di activation code. tekan next
  • Form Registration, isi data-data
    - Account Name (nama account)
    - Password
    - Retype Password (ulangi ketik pwd anda)
    - Login PIN ( PIN untuk login)
    - Retype Login Pin (ulangi masukkan PIN)
    - PIN sekurti ( akan dicreate kan otomatis)
    - Pilih Security Question ( pertanyaan jika lupa pwd)
    - Answer ( jawaban dari security question)
    - Personal welcome message (isi dengan kata2 apa aja)
    - First Name (Nama Awal)
    - Last Name (Nama Akhir)
    - Email (email anda)
    - Address (Alamat)
    - City (Kota)
    - Country (Negara)
    - State(Provinsi)
    - Zip(Kode Pos)
    - Phone (Kontak)
    - Date of Birth (Tanggal Lahir)
    - Masukkan nomor(turing number) yang tertera di Layar
    cek lagi data Anda jika sudah benar Tekan AGREE
  • Jika berhasil akan keluar form berisi penjelasan data account anda.
    Harap dicatat(diamankan datanya) semua informasi yg keluar. karena data2 tersebut
    nantinya akan digunakan untuk login dan jika anda transfer/transaksi.
  • Selesai.
  • LOGIN ke account Anda. Untuk memastikan proses sudah selesai anda bisa lanjutkan dengan login ke account.

Cara mengakses account libertyreserve

  • Klik disini untuk masuk ke website libertyreserve
  • Step 1 :
    Masukkan no account Anda.
    Masukkan LOGIN PIN
    Masukkan turing number.
    Tekan NEXT
  • Step 2 :
    Masukkan Password Anda.
    cek. I confirm ....
    Tekan LOGIN.

Cara mengisi account libertyreserve

Ada beberapa exchanger libertyreserve dimana anda dapat membeli dan menjual/mencairkan dana dari rekening libertyreserve ke rekening bank anda.
Berikut beberapa libertyreserve exchanger : Exchanger List




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