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Frequently Asked Questions


Are The Toto games play fair  ?

100% Fair Play, because the results are not controled by our system, but base on Official sites, so it's totally fair


When can I place a bet?
You can place a bet with Gold Toto via the internet or Mobile phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

What is the minimum stake?
The minimum is USD $0.2

What is the maximum stake?
The maximum stake USD $999 for each number bet.

Can I cancel my bets?
No. Once we have accepted a bet from you the bet cannot be cancelled, and will be settled according to our rules. If you have made a genuine error while placing a bet with us, you should contact us immediately.

How Do I Deposit Money Into GoldToto?
No need to deposite, betting directly use your e-ccurency account.

How Do I Get My Winnings?

Winner will be paid in 1 to 12 hour after the draw results and automatically paid into winner's e-ccurency account .
Sometimes are more if e-ccurency server site is down.


SCI Payment processor not working?
Sometimes SCI Payment not working, because the e-currency website have some trouble. So you can use Alternative Form and tranfer the bet amount manually from your e-currency account.

Who can bet on GoldToto?
Everybody from anywhere on earth are accepted as long as you are 18 years of age

What is the time for placing a bet on a current draw ?

Please see our Draw& Results section. The Draw Time depend on Official Lottery site, and placed your bet before our closed bet time. If you late, we will use your bet for the next draw in same toto


Why my winning payment charge 5% ?

Because of e-gold fees, we charge 5% of winning payment only for betting with Total Bet under $1.

Its count for Total Bet, not bet every number.


Why There is no Draw Results on today ?

Sometimes The official Country Lottery site not play on the day that's usually play, because of Official National Holidays or something else. It's happend rarely.


I have choose wrong date (past date), Is my ticket still valid  ?

Yes, Your Ticket will be used for the first next draws in same Toto after your payment date.


For more questions please contact our support contact us



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